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The Kevin De Bruyne Jersey is made from lightweight polyester that allows fans to feel free-flowing like the midfielder when cheering on Belgium.

As the playmaker pulls the strings from the center of the pitch, De Bruyne's preferred position is reflected with his iconic number 7 displayed proudly on the back of this jersey. Its design follows Belgium's classic color scheme that fans know and love - a golden yellow top with vertical red trim.

This jersey has the same tailoring, feel, and quality that fans see De Bruyne displaying on the international stage. Whether worn supporting Belgium or relaxing at home, the jersey truly helps fans feel connected to their world-class star.

With Belgium's memorable yellow and red design synonymous with their talented generation, this iconic kit lets supporters everywhere proudly represent their nation and brilliant playmakers anytime, anywhere. This jersey is a must-have for any De Bruyne or Belgian fan.


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