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The Manuel Neuer Jersey is made from lightweight polyester that allows fans to feel commanding in goal like the legendary shot-stopper when supporting Die Mannschaft.

As the reliable last line of defense between the posts, Neuer's favored goalkeeping position is symbolized by his number 1 on the back of this jersey. Its design follows Germany's classic white home shirt with black trim that fans know and love.

This jersey has the same tailored fit and quality that fans see Neuer exhibit for his country. Whether worn cheering on Germany or relaxing at home, the jersey helps fans feel connected to the player who has contributed so much to Germany's success.

With Germany's memorable white design synonymous with strong defending, this iconic kit lets supporters everywhere proudly represent their nation and goalkeeping great Neuer, who has cemented his status among the world's best. The jersey is a must-have for any Neuer or German fan.


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